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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Mydepictions - Original Art by Naj An Award Winning Web Site

Mydepictions - Original Art by Naj is now officially an award-winning website. If you saw my post here on The IAG Blog in December (Mydepictions - Original Art by Naj Website Featured on Network) you may recall that I hand-built the site and

"set out with the aim to design a simple site with fast page loads and cross-browser compatibility that was both people friendly and search engine friendly."
My efforts have now been discovered and rewarded. The QIWA Certified Silver Surfer Friendly Award program recognises
"websites that are safe, attractive, interesting, useful, quick to load, and easy to read and to navigate, with good color contrast, clear fonts, tasteful graphics and an easily found e-mail routine that works".

Check out Award Winning Website on My Depictions blog where Naj also rambles on about web design issues. There's a web design resources page on Mydepictions web site packed with links to useful free resources for anyone interested in building or developing their own website. (This page is often updated, so do check back if you haven't seen it in a while.) You can find out more about other Silver Surfer award-winning sites at the Silver Surfer Award Winners page.

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