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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Mydepictions - Original Art by Naj Website Featured on Network

Mydepictions - Original Art by Naj website has been featured on the Web Design Gallery and even gets a mention in the article Design ideas don't have to be hard to find by Jenifer Kyrnin(Monday December 4, 2006), about's guide to webdesign/HTML. Helping to raise the profile of the IAG, albeit in a small way!

(For those who dont already know, Naj hand-built from scratch.)

Naj says: "When I was researching how other artists had designed their web sites, I became very fustrated with slow-loading pages, and I have a broadband connection." With this in mind, Naj set out with the aim to design a simple site with fast page loads and cross-browser compatibility that was both people friendly and search engine friendly. Being an enthusiast hard-pressed for time, she opted to build upon existing HTML knowledge rather than learn style sheets. The end result means the use of slightly old-fashioned HTML and perhaps some compromise on the graphical presentation. The good news is can now be found in all the major search engines and enjoys truly world wide visitors every day.

If any of the above terminology has phased you, or you have an interest in building or developing your own web site Naj shares a selection of useful links on her FREE web design resources page. You can see more of Naj's artwork by viewing mydepictions current ebay auctions.

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