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is an International group of just over 200 artists. We run auctions and exhibitions around the world and also communicate online daily to give eachother support and advice. We have created this blog for our news, images, photographs, and updates about our art. Here, we also announce group and individual artist's exhibitions, present artwork for sale and detail other newsworthy items.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

IAG Week End Update - Maeve Wright's Hits on and Charlotte Thomson's Shapely Lady Painting ... Going Going, Gone!

IAG member Maeve Wright, Artist of Talent! Stop by and see IAG - Independent Artist Group's own Maeve Wright as the Featured Artist! With luck you can still purchase some of her art there. She's sold several since the site started this exciting event and has gotten record breaking numbers of hits on her art pieces at Etsy. Click the images below to check out Maeve's auctions!
Click to see more about - Amber Houses by Maeve Wright Click to See - Painted Houses, by Artist, Maeve Wright
Maeve finds the sales just jumping now as Featured Artist so there might not be much left of her work if you don't get there quickly. She's had over a thousand online hits for her online highlight at

Maeve and her equally talented husband, John Wright are veteran IAG - Independent Artist Group members. You can also catch some Wright art at the View from the Top Gallery this weekend in Nottingham, UK. That IAG - Independent Artists show closes Monday at noon so stop by and see before it you miss it!

IAG - Leader, Charlotte Thomson has an extraordinary piece in that show as shown here, it's been quite a traffic stopper. Some lucky patron may get this one at the View from the Top Gallery in Nottingham, UK.Shapely Lady by Charlotte Thomson of Nottingham, UK - Available at the VIEW FROM THE TOP GALLERY! It's the bright pretty lady painting here just to the right, the one with great, bursting colors! Perfect for the dressing room, a bachelor pad, or even in the bedroom. You decide! She's a fine lady, ready to add a big boost to any environment in which she's hung! Talk about color, yes color is the way to define this shapely lady painting by Charlotte Thomson. Special thanks to IAG's Andrew Douse for the photograph of this piece.


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