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Sunday, December 31, 2006

IAG - Independent Artists Group January 9th - 22nd Show - Nottingham, England

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Over thirty top notch Artists from the Independent Artists Group - IAG are showing their Artistic creations at the View from the Top Gallery in Nottingham, England (4th Floor above Waterstones Bookstore). The Gallery showing and sale will be from January 9th through January 22nd.

Exhibition hours are from 9 AM until 7 PM Monday to Saturday and 10:30 AM until 5 PM on Sunday. Then Monday the 22nd, hours will from 9 AM to 12 AM. Opening night private viewing on the 9th includes wine with nibbles and available artist's greetings from 4:00 PM - 9:00 PM. Saturday January 13th, from 2 PM - 7 PM, there will be an Artists Meet & Greet Public Event which is another chance to meet the artists involved. The art was chosen from submissions for this special event and coordinated by Independent Artists Group leader, Charlotte Thomson of Nottingham.

An International membership group of just under two hundred Artists, countries such as England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, and the U.S.A. are represented in this all star event. Thomson formed the group in January of last year when she saw the need for camaraderie amongst International artists working together to assist galleries in placing more Artists in the collectable art spotlight benefitting Artists and galleries alike. The group corresponds online on the Internet daily. The group ranges in age, with Charlotte being the youngest in age at twenty-one, to some well seasoned artists in to their sixties.

As a special added bonus to the showing, there will be concurrently showing art on Ebay. Unique art will be available online to patrons who plug in "IAG" to the Ebay search engines, preferably under the Art or Self Representing Artist's categories. A bevy of works from the Independent Artists will give those not able to attend the live gallery showing a chance at some different art works. A true multi-media event, Thomson points out the extra venue will only add to excitement. "Art viewers will enjoy the opportunity to take advantage of Ebay's bidding format, true yet this will also enable art goers to purchase in two places should they fall in love with an artist's work and want more. Additionally people around the world can buy our art and EVERYONE can email our artists with questions and special requests through the Ebay system during our sale. The gallery is very excited about the interactive format for both the artists and their clients," explains Thomson.

Thomson says the age and mixture makes for really fresh styles. "What makes it fun and exciting to see our exhibitions is the chance to experience all different viewpoints along with the individuality and creative process used by all the Independent Artists." Our group has everything from Realist painters to Expressionists to Impressionists to Watercolourists along with Illustrators, as well as Pen and Pencil Artists", Charlotte explains.

Charlotte Thomson Maeve Wright Paul Bowring Richard Clarke Karin Mear Ken Gillam

Top to Bottom; Art by Charlotte Thomson,
Maeve Wright, Paul Bowring, Richard Clarke, Karin Mear and Ken Gillam

IAG Committee member, Andrew Douse of Coventry says all styles of Art will be shown at the exhibition, "We'll show pop art, abstract, figurative, landscapes, seascapes, illustrative quirky modern stuff, highly decorative art, and even some new loft style art". According to Susan Barton of Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A., some of the art will come across the pond in a special journey for the event.

"There are four Independent Artist Group - IAG members who will be represented in this showing from the States. We are excited to support such a great group of fellow artists", Barton exclaims. Selected Artists works from the United States side include artists showing from Illinois, Texas, Tennessee, and Kentucky.

Gaynor 'ArenA' Lewis of Derby says that she feels the public is ready to see such a collection as it is Art that is very current and ready for any kind of collection or decor. "It's appealing for either office or home decorating enjoyment. Collector and connoisseurs of Art will really enjoy this exhibition for it's varying looks, colors and feelings of Artistic expression", explains Lewis. "Our Artists are all very much in tune with Artistic trends and tastes of today's current styles", Lewis adds. In getting a sneak peak of the exhibit, some pieces are quite modern where as others have a hint of nostalgia or even an antique flare about them. No doubt the IAG artists are quite proud of their variety of works on display for this event.

Sally Swingewood Andrew Douse Jan Vallance Susan Barton Lar Shackelford Martin Devine

Top to Bottom; Art by Sally Swingewood, Andrew Douse, Jan Vallance, Susan Barton, Lar Shackelford and Martin Devine

The group prides itself on being called the Independent Artists Group - IAG as like the Webster's Dictionary's definition of independent they are free from influence, control or determination of others with persuasion or bias and are self determined, self confident, and self reliant. They are introspective enough to recognize that being a team player is of benefit but all are rather uniquely rebels for a good cause. In this case of course, the cause being the group itself and it's positive collective energy.

Each Artist brings their own level of experience to the table and the end result is one of professionalism that art goers will surely enjoy during this exposition. Price ranges, are from £40 - £1000, to suit all pockets and collector budgets for everyone from novice collectors to long term art collectors, as well as those looking for unique decorative art.

VIEW from the Top Gallery
Top Floor, Waterstone's
1-5 Bridlesmith Gate
Nottingham NG1 2GR

UK Tel 0845 058 1113



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