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is an International group of just over 200 artists. We run auctions and exhibitions around the world and also communicate online daily to give eachother support and advice. We have created this blog for our news, images, photographs, and updates about our art. Here, we also announce group and individual artist's exhibitions, present artwork for sale and detail other newsworthy items.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Another sale

The painting of Aysgarth Falls was delivered to it's new home on Saturday with the aid of a bargain SatNav system that I won on auction on Tazbar sounds a bit like my missus though with her comments "You are exceeding the Speed Limit". I have had another sale on Tazbar with this print of an ACEO Moonlight Anchorage Moonlight Anchorage (c)

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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Art networking site

There's a few Independent Artists now listed on The site is in it's early days, but looking good and very inspirational. I recently met up for a coffee with a local artist via the site! Here's my listing if you want to check it out:

Read some ramblings about online art galleries on My Depictions.

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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Sad to see this one go

I have just sold this painting of the famous beauty spot in Yorkshire. It was the largest painting I have done to date measuring 48"x20". I was eaten alive by midges whilst at the location, it being late evening. The sun was just kissing the tops of the trees on the other side f the river so, I took some reference photographs and escaped to the safety of the car, completing the painting later when I returned home.

I am a little sad to see it go as it has given me much pleasure hanging in my dining room for some time before I listed it for sale. I have of course other paintings which can be seen on my website

Aysgarth Falls Yorkshire (c)