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is an International group of just over 200 artists. We run auctions and exhibitions around the world and also communicate online daily to give eachother support and advice. We have created this blog for our news, images, photographs, and updates about our art. Here, we also announce group and individual artist's exhibitions, present artwork for sale and detail other newsworthy items.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Welcome Everyone!

Welcome to the new Independent Artists Group Blog. The Independent Artists Group is an international group of around 200 artists who communicate online as a support group and also run auctions and exhibitions around the world.

This blog is for all members to post news, photos and updates about their art, exhibitions theyre involved in, artwork they have for sale and other exciting news they may have. It will also be used by the moderators of the group to post important updates about developments in the group and to advertise our exhibitions.

If you have read this and are interested in becoming a member, check out our website, membership is free, the only criteria is that you have to be a (primarily) self representing artist!

Thanks for taking the time to read our blog!

Charlotte Thomson
(group founder)


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